The Rugby Roundtable

Canadian Senior Womens Team Calendar 2009/2010 by PAH
October 14, 2008, 9:57 pm
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Please support the team by buying a copy, just follow the link below::

On the cover the Rugby Roundtable’s very on Mooch (Yes – She’s a little rough, but hey)

Mooch doing what comes naturally

Mooch doing what comes naturally


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News about our cherished Mooch on Rugby Canada’s website:
And she looks hot on that picture too. No wonder she plays in the wing. For another picture of the Mooch making a break check
The SIR: always somewhere near you…

Comment by Gato

Step up to plate boys. Buy a copy and support a few girls who have to work awfully hard just for the priviledge to play this great game.

Comment by Rustylock

Enjoying listening to your versions of the various club names & cities Jedi & Staffi, am sure my Kiwi would be no better. You’re improving though !
Thoughts on some of the Criminals slating the ELVs, too much kicking, too easy to kill the ball & only get a tap penalty? Maybe bring back some old style “clearing out” & a few stud reminders may stop some of the “accidentally being on the wrong side”.
Know it’s improved fitness but go watch League if that’s what you want to see.
Also can anyone explain why ref’s do not blow up these days when the 1st 5 puts the ball in to the 2nd row’s feet or should they just change the name of the hooker to receiver or utility back who just hangs out with the front row ?
Looking forward to your showing at the Barley Mow in Chiswick (don’t pronounce the w !), though probably not the England v AB result. Come on Jonno put a smile on all our faces in Pom land.

Good work fellas

Comment by Brodie Gibson

Ooops, think I wrote 1st 5 8th to put the ball in, replace that we halfback, though sometimes you might had just as well give it to the flyhalf from the scrum

Comment by Brodie Gibson

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